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Find out how you can sync your knowledge base and be always up-to-date

In order to serve your customers the fastest knowledge base on earth 🌍 we cache your Notion data. This means that you have to press the 🔁 Sync now button in your admin dashboard whenever you change the structure of your knowledge base i.e collection/article title and description, article properties such as published or the article itself.

How HelpKit works
How HelpKit works

When syncing your knowledge base from Notion to HelpKit you have two options:

  1. Sync the entire knowledge base
  1. Sync an indiviual article

Syncing entire knowledge base

You can achieve a full knowledge base sync by clicking the 🔁 Sync now button in your HelpKit dashboard. Depending on the amount of articles in your knowledge base this sync can take between 30 seconds and 3 mintues.

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When clicking the button, HelpKit will first try to fetch your knowledge base structure and check if all Notion fields are reachable. If successful, HelpKit will go ahead and start syncing your articles. Syncing continues in the background even when closing the browser window, so you don’t have to worry.

HelpKit will estimate the sync duration for you. While syncing your articles are
HelpKit will estimate the sync duration for you. While syncing your articles are still reachable by your customers.

Resyncing individual articles

In addition to a full sync, you can also resync each article individually. Simply click on the 🔁 Resync button next to your chosen article. Syncing a single article is very fast and should not take longer than a couple of seconds. We recommend doing an individual article sync whenever you are updating an article and want to get the update quickly published.

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Last updated on September 7, 2021