Connecting your Notion page

Find out how to connect or change your root Notion page and make it public

In order to connect your Notion knowledge base with HelpKit all you have to do is:


Connecting for the first time

In Notion:

  1. On your root page hover over the very top of your Notion page
  1. Click on the Share button
  1. Toggle on the Share to web toggle
  1. Click on Copy

📽 Video Instruction:

Notion image
Note: It is important that all your pages are set to public. Notion automatically does this for all your pages once you set it up with the root page. There is nothing extra for you to do, just keep this in mind.

Changing your Notion knowledge base

In Notion:

Follow the same steps as above for your new Notion page.

In Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  1. Click on General
  1. Toggle the 🔒 Edit button
  1. Paste your new Notion page url and wait for verification
  1. Hit the Save button
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Can I use the template without “Share to web”

You are probably asking that question because you don't want to enable external users to see your Notion shared knowledge base. First of all, no worries. Notion generates a very long and random url for your site and it is practically impossible for users to accidentially stumble on it. We recommend to leave the Search engine indexing ticked off so that it gets not listed on search engines such as Google or Bing.

Leave all the fields unchecked except the “Share to web” one
Leave all the fields unchecked except the “Share to web” one

In the future HelpKit will be integrated more deeply with Notion so that we don’t have to use this approach anymore.

Don't forget to sync your knowledge base

In order to serve your customers the fastest knowledge base on earth 🌍 we cache most of the Notion data. This means that you have to press the 🔁 Sync now button in your admin dashboard whenever you change the structure of your knowledge base.

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Last updated on September 7, 2021