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Three easy steps to setup HelpKit

Learn about how to get started with HelpKit in just three steps

Hey and welcome to HelpKit! 👋

Getting started with HelpKit is super simple and intuitive. It only takes the following three steps to get started:


📽 Video Instruction:

1. Duplicate our Notion template

To fast track your onboarding we suggest you to duplicate our 👉 predefined Notion template into your own Notion workspace and give it a cool name.

Please make sure you are logged in with Notion before you duplicate. Otherwise, you might end up with a blank loading screen.
Notion image

2. Copy your Notion page ID

Next, copy the shareable link of your root page. Sharing should be enabled.


In Notion:

  1. On your root page hover over the very top of your Notion page
  1. Click on the Share button
  1. Toggle on the Share to web toggle
  1. Click on Copy

📽 How to make your page public:

Notion image

3. Add your Notion Page URL

Last but not least paste the Notion page url from your clipboard into the according field. Wait a few seconds until HelpKit fetched your page and displays the green checkmark.

Notion image
Notion image

After the onboarding setup is finished - feel free to jump into your Notion template and override it with your own content.

Boom. That's it!

📽 See HelpKit in full action here:

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Last updated on September 7, 2021