Password protecting your site

Learn how to password protect your site

HelpKit allows you to password protect your knowledge base. This can be great for info products, payed products, closed communities or teams.


At the moment this feature allows you to block off your entire Notion site by a password. The setup is super easy.


Enabling and setting up the password protection

  1. Navigate to Settings/General and scroll down to the Password Protection section
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  1. Next choose a secure password and hit the save button (Optionally you can toggle the visibility of your input with the 👀 button on the right. This will be the same password for all users of your site. This password feature is to act as a wall between your content. It shouldn't necessarily be seen as a super secure wall that you can put highly confidential content behind. (More on that below)
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  1. That’s it! Your site is now password protected and your users are required to enter it in order to access the page. The password gate page looks like this:
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Security of the password protection feature

Due to the fact that HelpKit works by grabbing your public Notion link we advise you to not password protect extremely sensitive and confidential data as theoretically the Notion link would be publically available. Is this an issue for my company?

  • If you are selling digital products and access to closed content this should definitely not be an issue as the public Notion url is almost impossible to guess. For example, our url looks something like https://glossy-hexagon.../HelpKit-KnowledgeBase-294085AWSAF23409 As you can see it is very hard to guess that link 😉 
  • If you are planning to host content that is highly sensitive such as personal/employee data, medical records or confidential information we would adivse you to be cautious. Please reach out to us if you are unsure. We are always happy to help!

Disabling Search engine indexing

We highly recommend you to leave the Search engine indexing toggle unchecked as your Notion site would otherwise get picked up by search engines such as Google. It is disabled by default so you don’t have to necessarily worry about it.

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Sharing your password with your audience

After you have setup your password protected knowledge base you'll want to share your password with your users so they can access the site. For a paid product we can recommend to use Gumroad or Flurly for handling the payment and password distribution. Alternatively you could share the password over email or DMs.


You can always come back and change the password if you'd like.


Users will be directed to when they first try to access your site. After they have entered the password they won't have to enter it again.

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Last updated on September 7, 2021