Adding a table of contents to your article

Learn out how to add a table of contents to your articles

The table of contents is a navigational tool that helps users find the information they need. It lists all the topics and subtopics in your help article, and it is found in two different locations depending on the knowledge base layout you have chosen. The table of content will automatically use your Notion headings as navigational links within your article.


Help Center Layout: Table of Contents

This layout displays the table of contents at the very top of your help article. Please note that you have to enable it via the HelpKit dashboard /setting page.

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How to enable Table of Contents for the help center layout

To enable the TOC for your help center layout simply:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  1. Select Look & Data tab
  1. Scroll down until you see Show Table of Contents and switch it on.
  1. Hit Save Settings

Documentation Layout: Table of Contents

The TOC of your documentation layout can be found on the very right top corner of your help article. It is automatically displayed by default and does not need to be activated.

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What headings appear in my table of contents?

In order for search engines to better find and rank your help article we highly recommend not using Header 1 (H1) titles in your Notion page as HelpKit will automatically give your article title the H1 tag.


That means that you should structure your headings and subheadings by using the Header 2 (H2) and Header 3 (H3) tags in Notion. These two headers are also the ones displayed in your table of contents.


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Please note that at the moment HelpKit does not support the native TOC block that is built into Notion.
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Last updated on July 10, 2022