Achieving pretty URL links for your site

Learn all about HelpKit’s link structure and how to improve it

Olà pretty url link aficionado!


The reason you are reading this articles is very likely because you think that HelpKit’s current link structure could perhaps be slightly prettier.


While you might think that the two randomly looking pieces of text (hash ids) in your knowledge base url structure are there for no reason other than making it longer, they actually serve a very important purpose.

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In fact, we spent quite some time at the drawing board to make sure this url is as readable and flexible as possible. It allows HelpKit to fetch your sites super fast but most importantly helps to prevent user errors. You can change your help article title thousand of times without breaking the link for your customers. Customers might have bookmarked your help articles and it would be a pity if they wouldn’t be able to access your article anymore.


Achieving concise shareable links

One option you have to shorten your help center links is to use HelpKit’s Article Redirect feature. It allows you to enter an alternative path that redirects to your target article. Besides being helpful for sending shorter links it can also help migrating from another knowledge base service while keeping the same custom domain.

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Learn more about custom redirect links here.

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Last updated on February 10, 2022